OF UNICORNES HORNES l984, by Sir Thomas Browne. First published as Chapter XXIII of Pseudodoxia Epidemica or Inquiries into Very Many Received Tenants and Commonly Presumed Truths, l646. Illustrated with sixteen woodengravings by Alan James Robinson with an introduction by Jan van Dorsten, former head of the Sir Thomas Browne Institute in Leiden, Netherlands. A contemplation of animals, real and imaginary, which are considered to be the “true” unicorn. Printed on T. H. Saunders Laid, light blue paper. Bound in quarter vellum by Gray Parrot with a suite of four unicorn woodengravings enclosed.
24.5 x l8 cm 56 pp

Regular edition l50 copies
Four woodengravings of the unicorns printed on T.H. Saunders are placed in a folder inside the back cover.

Deluxe edition 60 copies
Printed on an obsolete Whatman paper, Blue-white laid l962, with a frontispiece etching portrait of Sir Thomas Browne. A suite of sixteen woodengravings in a chemise and presented in a tray-case.

State proof edition l5 copies OP
As above with an elegant full vellum non-adhesive limp binding. State proofs of etching, working proofs of woodengravings and a drawing are included.
Rarely comes up for resale.

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