TROUT - BROOK, BROWN & RAINBOW l986. A bound portfolio of 12 hand watercolored etchings and two woodengravings by Alan James Robinson, with an Introduction by writer and naturalist Stephen Bodio. Includes nine etchings of trout (three of each trout), two etchings of trout flies and one etching of natural insects. Printed on Rives BFK and slipsheeted with Japanese paper. The text is printed on T. H. Saunders light-blue Laid, with calligraphy in watercolor, gouache and gold by Suzanne Moore, bound quarter leather with handmade blue Rugg Road paper. Cover is blindstamped with the image of trout and fly, in quarter leather tray-case by Gray Parrot.
25.5 x 36 cm 80 pp

Regular edition 35 copies OP

Deluxe edition l5 copies OP
Bound in full leather light blue Moroccan goat with blindstamped image of a trout with a three-color leather onlay of a fly by Gray Parrot. A full suite of all of the etchings and engravings in a chemise, all in a quarter leather tray-case.
Rarely comes up for resale.

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