ATLANTIC SALMON l987 A bound book of eight hand watercolored etchings, four woodengravings, and six linecuts by Alan James Robinson, with an Introduction by Stephen Bodio and an essay by Ted Williams. The etchings are printed on Rives BFK and the text on Arches Text Wove. Calligraphy by Suzanne Moore adorns the book, which is bound by Claudia Cohen in quarter leather with a leather fore-edge and with a hand-made salmon-colored paper by Sara Krohn, to protect the etchings. The cover has a linecut of a Jock Scott Atlantic Salmon Fly hand watercolored by Robinson. Protected in a quarter leather tray-case.
28.5 x 36 cm 98 pp

Regular edition 26 copies

Deluxe edition 50 copies
Bound by Claudia Cohen this is the same as the regular edition but with a cover panel in full leather multi-color onlay of a Jock Scott Salmon Fly by Gray Parrot. A complete suite of eighteen prints and an additional watercolor are laid in a full cloth chemise. All set in a quarter leather tray-case by Peter Geraty.

State proof edition 5 copies OP
As above with a complete set of prints and working proofs of woodengravings and state proofs of etchings, two watercolors, and one original pencil study of an etching.


ATLANTIC SALMON - The Royal Wulff Edition, 1996.
Previously published in l988, twenty-six copies of the original edition and five artist proofs have been reserved to raise monies for the preservation of the Atlantic Salmon. A portion of the proceeds from each sale of the Royal Wulff Edition will be donated to two of Lee Wulffs’ favorite causes, the Atlantic Salmon Federation and the new Catskill Flyfishing Museum in Livingston Manor, NY.

All of the books in the edition have the same text by Ted Williams and an Introduction by Stephen Bodio, eight hand watercolored etchings depicting the life cycle of the Atlantic Salmon, four woodengravings and six linecuts by Master Printmaker, Alan James Robinson. Each book includes an extra suite of all the above artwork.

The twenty-six copies in this special edition will also include: a full color leather onlay panel mounted on the cover depicting a Royal Wulff dryfly (instead of the Jock Scott); “The Atlantic Salmon”, an essay by Lee Wulff previously published in Salmon on a Fly and an original Afterword by Joan Wulff, reflecting on Lee Wulff’s life and accomplishments. Joan Wulff will sign each colophon page. Each of the twenty-six copies will also come with a Royal Wulff dryfly tied by Poul Jorgensen mounted in a shadowbox in the cover of the protective linen tray-case. Price .

The five extra-illustrated books will include: all of the above; a Royal Wulff dryfly tied by Lee Wulff (tied without a vise); three other Wulff dryflies tied by Poul Jorgensen mounted in the cover of the protective tray-case; and nine original watercolors, eight depicting the life cycle of the Atlantic Salmon (similar compostions of the etchings in the book) and a portrait of Lee Wulff. .

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