ROADKILLS l98l. A collection of prose and poetry by Gillian Conoley, Madeline DeFrees, Richard Eberhart, John McPhee, Gary Snyder and William Stafford. Illustrated by Alan James Robinson with a title page etching and 11 woodengravings. Hand-set in 18pt. Arrighi and Centaur and printed on handmade Japanese paper. Quarto, in quarter gray Moroccan goat and Japanese paper with quarter leather tray case with a tire track across the spine with Gray Parrot, Claudia Cohen or Kim O’Donnell as the binders.
31 x 23 cm 58 pp

Regular edition 250 copies
*A few copies are still available with the colophon signed by all of the authors!

Deluxe edition 50 copies OP
Extra suite of the etching and woodengravings in a chemise and quarter leather tray-case, signed by all of the authors.
Considered by many to be the most eloquent of all of the books produced by the Press. Four different Japanese handmade papers were used for this project. Rarely comes up for resale.

Alan James Robinson - 413-527-8557