THE RAVEN l980, by Edgar Allan Poe. The first book of Cheloniidae Press. This book is lllustrated with five full page etchings by Alan James Robinson with a woodengraving for the frontispiece and colophon piece.
38.5 x 28.5 cm 30 pp

Regular edition l00 copies OP

Deluxe edition 25 copies OP

(Considered by some critics to be one of the finest examples of letterpress printing and illustration of
poetry done in the last 50 years. Very rarely comes up for resale.)


THE RAVEN l985, by Edgar Allan Poe, with nine new woodengravings and an etching portrait of Poe as a frontispiece by Alan James Robinson. A new, all original edition of the first book of the Press, text printed by Daniel Keleher at Wild Carrot Letterpress, woodengravings printed by Harold P. McGrath on Magnani Letterpress. French-folded and hand-sewn to Duchene handmade paper wrappers by Claudia Cohen.
l6.5 x 24 cm 44 pp

Regular edition l50 copies

Deluxe edition 50 copies OP
Bound in quarter leather by Claudia Cohen with prints in a chemise all in a traycase.

State proof edition 250 copies OP
Bound in full red Moroccan goat with a blind-stamped raven by Daniel E. Kelm and Sarah Pringle at the Wide Awake Garage. A Suite of prints, working proofs of woodengravings, state proofs of etchings with a drawing are laid in a chemise and presented in a tray-case.
Very rarely comes up for resale.

Alan James Robinson - 413-527-8557