THE JUMPING FROG l985, by Mark Twain with an Afterword, The Private Printing of ‘The Jumping Frog’ Story, by Samuel Clemens. With fifteen woodengravings by Alan James Robinson. Originally published in l865, it was translated into French in l872 and retranslated back into English by Twain in l882. This edition includes all three versions as well as an l894 article by Clemens on the story’s history. Printed on T. H. Saunders paper in Centaur and Arrighi by Dan Keleher of Wild Carrot Letterpress, with the assistance of Arthur Larson. Handsewn into paper wrappers by Claudia Cohen.
22 x l4 cm 64 pp

Regular edition 250 copies

Deluxe edition 50 copies OP
Bound quarter-leather green Moroccan goat by Gray Parrot. Includes fifteen woodengravings and the portrait etching of Twain in a chemise, all in a clamshell box.

State proof edition 5 copies OP
Daniel Kelm design binding with multi-color leather onlay depicting frogs on the front and back and inside covers. Prints and state proofs of the etching and working proofs of the woodengravings with a drawing in a chemise with full cloth case.
Very rarely comes up for resale.

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