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THE RAVEN l980, by Edgar Allan Poe.
ROADKILLS l98l. A collection of prose and poetry by Gillian Conoley, Madeline DeFrees, Richard Eberhart, John McPhee, Gary Snyder and William Stafford. Illustrated by Alan James Robinson
GAME BIRDS AND WATERFOWL l980. A portfolio of 10 hand watercolored etchings and 2 woodengravings by Alan James Robinson.
GAME ANIMALS l982. A portfolio of ten hand watercolored etchings by Alan James Robinson.
GAME FISHES l983. A portfolio of seven hand watercolored etchings by Alan James Robinson.

CETACEA: THE GREAT WHALES l982. A portfolio of seven folio-sized etchings by Alan James Robinson.

AN ODD BESTIARY Or a Compendium of Instructive and Entertaining Descriptions of Animals, Culled from Five Centuries of Travelers’ Account, Natural Histories, Zoologies, Etc. by Authors Famous and Obscure, Arranged as an Abecedary l983. Illustrated with 26 initial linecuts and 26 woodengravings by Alan James Robinson
TORTOISES l983, by D. H. Lawrence. Six poems, which originally appeared in the l930 edition of Birds, Beasts & Flowers, are newly illustrated with eight woodengravings depicting the life cycle and family relationships of the Tortoise by Alan James Robinson

SONGBIRDS I 1983. SONGBIRDS II l984. Each is a porfolio of fifteen hand watercolored etchings and a woodengraving on the title page and colophon by Alan James Robinson.

OF UNICORNES HORNES l984, by Sir Thomas Browne. First published as Chapter XXIII of Pseudodoxia Epidemica or Inquiries into Very Many Received Tenants and Commonly Presumed Truths, l646. Illustrated with sixteen woodengravings by Alan James Robinson
THE BLACK CAT l984, by E. A. Poe. The Poe classic, illustrated with eleven woodengravings by Alan James Robinson.
THE JUMPING FROG l985, by Mark Twain with an Afterword, The Private Printing of ‘The Jumping Frog’ Story, by Samuel Clemens. With fifteen woodengravings by Alan James Robinson.
LEDA or In Praise of the Blessings of Darkness l985, by Pierre Louys. Translated by David Ball, Professor of French and Comparative Literature at Smith College, from “Contes Antiques,” Paris editions du bois sacre, l929. Illustrated with five “erotic” drypoint etchings, printed “a-la-poupee” in multiple colors and 7 woodengravings by Alan James Robinson.
THE RAVEN l985, by Edgar Allan Poe, with nine new woodengravings and an etching portrait of Poe as a frontispiece by Alan James Robinson.
TROUT - BROOK, BROWN & RAINBOW l986. A bound portfolio of 12 hand watercolored etchings and two woodengravings by Alan James Robinson
ATLANTIC SALMON l987 A bound book of eight hand watercolored etchings, four woodengravings, and six linecuts by Alan James Robinson
ATLANTIC SALMON - The Royal Wulff Edition, 1996.
THE FOWL ALPHABET l987. A bound collection of twenty-six woodengravings by Alan James Robinson
THE BLIND ALPHABET by Suzanne Moore l987.
CHELONIIDAE l987. A portfolio of seven etchings and two woodengravings depicting Sea Turtles by Alan James Robinson,
ANCIENTS NEEDS l989. An Abecedary Press Production.
THE BIRDS AND BEASTS OF SHAKESPEARE l990, written by Arthur F. Kinney, Professor of English at the University of Massachusetts.
HPM: FIFTY YEARS OF PRINTING l99l. A collection of over sixty recollections, reminiscences
TROUT & BASS l993. A collection of prose and poetry from four centuries including John Dennys 1613, Sir Izaak Walton l653, George Seabury l890, R. H. Russell l902 and James A. Henshall l88l. Introduction by writer and naturalist Stephen Bodio, and Afterword by Master Flytyer Jack Gartside. Illustrated by Alan James Robinson
SALTWATER GRAND SLAM Tarpon, Bonefish, and Permit l996

Formerly known as Cheloniidae Press and Abecedary Productions. The Press has had several incarnations, due in part because it has had several Partners, more accurately, Benefactors. Partners would imply that they would benefit greatly from this association but in truth they have unselfishly funded many projects and encouraged me during all of the challenging times of the Press. Without these Partners, the Press would have surely had a short- unstoried life. The richness and variety of the subjects addressed by the Press is due greatly to their openness and unwaning support.

Cheloniidae Press was founded by Alan James Robinson and lawyer Joel Ginsburg in l979, shortly after Alan’s graduation from the University of Massachusetts with his Masters in Fine Arts. Abecedary Productions was founded in l989 by Alan James Robinson and author Dr. Mark Philip Carol as a means of creating books that extend outside the traditional style published by Cheloniidae Press. Both of these presses were combined in l992 to form The Press of the Sea Turtle. Since that time, Dr. Timothy Newman has come aboard to create Red Raven Graphics, a separate entity with hopes of developing the considerable talents of the Press in other areas.

All of the books are designed and illustrated by Robinson, however, it is a unique collaborative press. The finest craftsmen and the highest quality materials have been sought out to create works of the utmost integrity and beauty. Most of the work is done by artisans living in Western Massachusetts. The Press endeavors to create beautiful yet scholarly renditions of contemporary and antiquarian texts. The books are produced as they might have been one hundred or more years ago, using handmade inks, marbled endpapers, hand-set type, and handsewn design bindings. The works are printed by Harold P. McGrath, a Master Printer for over 55 years who has worked with such artists as Leonard Baskin, Fritz Eichenberg, Clare Leighton, and Barry Moser. The result of this attention to detail are works of art which have sold at auction for over five times their original cost.


All of the works produced by The Press of the Sea Turtle are listed, even though many of them are out of print. Out of print books are indicated as shown here (OP). The prices listed for these books represent their original cost followed by their most recent price at an auction or gallery sale. These prices are indicated for the benefit of individuals who own these editions and are interested in appraising their current value. Only brief descriptions for these books are given. Interested parties should contact the Press, as occasionally copies of these works become available to us.

Unless described otherwise, all books were printed by Harold Patrick McGrath, Master Printer for 55 years and still printing at the Press. Harold is one of only eight Honorary Members of The Society of Printers.

All deluxe copies include an extra suite of illustrations, in addition to the special bindings as described. All state proof editions include working proofs of the woodengravings and state proofs of the etchings. Editions marked with an asterisk (*) are in limited supply.

In most instances, posters and prints from the books are available separately. Please contact the Press for more detailed information or a print catalog.

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