HPM: FIFTY YEARS OF PRINTING l99l. A collection of over sixty recollections, reminiscences, homages, anecdotes and histories from friends, family, artists and printers who have worked with Harold P. McGrath over the past 50 years. Illustrated with 35 woodengravings, etchings and linecuts contributed by Leonard Baskin, Barry Moser, Fritz Eichenberg, Alan James Robinson, Lance Hidy, including the pressmarks from the contributor’s small letterpress shops. Printed at Wild Carrot Letterpress by Dan Keleher. Marbled paper designed by Gray Parrot covers the books which were bound by Barbara Blumenthal, Sarah Creighton, Claudia Cohen, Kim O’Donnell, Peter Geraty, Daniel Kelm and Gray Parrot. A fitting tribute to one of the greatest American printers - one of only eight Honorary Members of the Society of Printers.
23 x 27 m ll2 pp.

Regular edition 200 copies
One hundred copies were reserved for friends and family, the remaining copies are for sale.
*Very few left.

Deluxe edition l0 copies
Bound full leather stamped in gold by David Bourbeau, with a suite of all of the woodengravings and linecuts and the etching in a cloth chemise tray-case.
*One left.

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