Tarpon, Bonefish, and Permit l996.

For our 27th title, SALTWATER GRAND SLAM - Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit, we solicited the best authors in the field to help put together a fitting tribute to three of the greatest game fishes. The gamefish represented are the Tarpon, the amazing leaper, the Silver King; the Bonefish, the saltwater speedster, the ghost of the flats and the Permit, the brutal fighter, the most elusive fish on a fly. The authors featured are: Dick Brown, Jeffrey Cardenas, John Cole, Chico Fernandez, Gene Hill, Thomas McGuane, Sandy Moret, Billy Pate, and Jack Samson.

Jeffrey Cardenas, well-known Florida Keys Guide and author of the book “Marquesa”, has written an Introduction which is an overview and natural history account of the three species along with thoughts on the pursuit of the Grand Slam. Acclaimed author, Thomas McGuane, has contributed “The Longest Silence” previously published as the opening piece for “OUTSIDE CHANCE”, now out of print. Gene Hill, veteran sportswriter, has written an Afterword about “Hunting for the Saltwater Grand Slam”, a life long quest. Silvio Calabi, of Fly Rod & Reel, is the editor for this project.

There are only l76 copies in all, in a large format measuring 11” x 15” and bound quarter vellum with a vellum fore-edge, each book is set in foundry type, hand bound and includes 42 original prints. Robinson created ten 7” x 10” hand watercolored etchings depicting portraits as well as action compositions of each of the three fish(see examples below). He has captured the power and aerial acrobatics of the Tarpon, the flash and speed of the Bonefish, and the strength and fickle nature of the Permit. Eight original wood engravings of the Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit along with twenty-four black and white linecuts were created. The book includes an extra suite of all 42 prints protected in a linen tray-case. Each etching will be hand printed using hand ground inks and then watercolored by Robinson. He can watercolor fish with consideration to the area in which you fish, for example, he might incorporate the unique coloration of the ghostlike Christmas Island Bonefish, the darker qualities of the late season Florida Permit, and either the gold or dark-green phase of the Tarpon.

One Hundred and Fifty Copies in this Deluxe Edition will include:

Quarter vellum binding with an inset panel depicting the Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit, stamped in 24 karat gold. The text is set in foundry type and printed in two colors by Master Printer Harold Patrick McGrath. The paper is 100% cotton Cheloniidae Rag, designed by Robinson and made especially for letterpress printing at the Press of the Sea Turtle. The copper plate etchings are printed on BFK Rives and each is watercolore

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