THE BLACK CAT l984, by E. A. Poe. The Poe classic, illustrated with eleven woodengravings by Alan James Robinson. Bound by Po Crest in handmade paper wrappers by Rugg Road, printed french-fold on Rives Lightweight paper.
24 x l7 cm 32 pp

Regular edition 250 copies

Deluxe edition 60 copies OP
Printed on vintage Bodleian mould-made paper, bound quarter black Moroccan goat and handmade paper over boards by Gray Parrot. The woodengravings and a drypoint etching of a cat are enclosed in cloth folders, all in a clamshell box of quarter black Moroccan goat and linen.

State proof edition l5 copies OP
Full black leather binding by Gray Parrot with an inset paper sculpture cast from an original bas relief sculpture of the cat by Robinson. A full suite of prints, state proofs of the etching, working proofs of the woodengravings, a regular edition book, and an original drawing in a quarter leather chemise, all in a quarter leather tray-case.
Rarely comes up for resale.

Alan James Robinson - 413-527-8557