THE BANGING ROCKS or a Dissertation on the Origins of a Species of Rock Descended with Modification from the Ancient Piroboli, Completed with Elaborated Descriptions of its Sexual and Social Habits, Information Regarding its Behaviors and Activities, as well as Details Pertaining to its Care and Feeding, l990. An Abecedary Press Production written by Mark P. Carol, this contemplation was inspired by a trip to the Galapagos Islands to view Haley’s Comet. A humorous look at today’s social and sexual values through the guise of rocks (occasionally referred to as the “pet rock turns 30-something.”) Alan James Robinson illustrated the book with two woodengravings and seven line drawings depicting the Galapagos Islands, the Galapagos Tortoise and of course, the Banging Rocks. The type is Centaur & Arrighi set by Dan Carr at Golgonooza Type Foundry. Bound in paper over boards by Kim O’Donnell. The book and the Rocks are encased in a full cloth tray-case.
l8 x l3 cm 32 pp

Regular edition l00 copies

Deluxe edition 25 copies
Bound quarter leather green Moroccan goat with a millimeter leather fore-edge and Japanese Chiri (bark) paper. The book and your deluxe set of BANGING ROCKS are “housed” in an elaborate hand crafted cherry dove-tailed jointed wooden box with expansion joints. This geo-stable enclosure was crafted by Allan Wheeler and protects the Banging Rocks which are of a semi-precious nature.

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