A bound collection of twenty-six woodengravings by Alan James Robinson and a newly designed alphabet by Master Calligrapher Suzanne Moore. With text from Animate Creation, A Popular Edition of Our Living World, a Natural History by Rev. J. G. Wood, Vol. II Birds, l885. The twenty-six woodengravings are each accompanied by an initial letter and the common and latin names of the bird. Printed on Rives lightweight and french-folded, the book is hand-sewn by Claudia Cohen with hand marbled paper designed by Faith Harrison of Decorated Papers for the cover. The book was designed by Robinson with the assistance of Arthur Larson and Suzanne Moore.
2l.5 x l4 cm 54 pp

Regular edition l50 copies $450

Deluxe edition 50 copies OP ($750-$l250)
The complete alphabet is hand lettered by Suzanne Moore in the book above the linecuts, bound quarter vellum and marbled paper by Gray Parrot. The extra suite of twenty-six woodengravings comes in a chemise, all in a full cloth tray-case.

Full vellum edition 26 copies OP ($l500-$2500)

Twenty-six initial letters and the latin and common names of the birds hand lettered in the book by calligrapher Suzanne Moore. Bound in full bleached vellum by Gray Parrot with an extra suite of 26 woodengravings and a set of the blind stamped alphabet and a drawing laid in a chemise, all in quarter vellum tray-case.


by Suzanne Moore l987. Blind-stamped on 72# cold-pressed T.H. Saunders Watercolor paper, folded accordion. Cased into a marbled paper cover by Claudia Cohen.
3 1/2 by 5 1/2 by 115 ins

Regular edition 200 copies $75.00 OP ($100-$300)


Or a Compendium of Instructive and Entertaining Descriptions of Animals, Culled from Five Centuries of Travelers’ Account, Natural Histories, Zoologies, Etc. by Authors Famous and Obscure, Arranged as an Abecedary l983. Illustrated with 26 initial linecuts and 26 woodengravings by Alan James Robinson with text compiled and annotated by Laurie Block. The text is the first known description or an English translation of the first known description for each animal. An informative 13 page annotated bibliography follows the text. Bound in quarter red Moroccan goat over natural linen sides by Gray Parrot, printed on Rives lightweight.
34 x 24.5 cm l60 pp

Regular edition 200 copies $1250*
*A few are currently available.

Deluxe edition 50 copies OP ($675-$2500)
Bound as above, and includes an extra suite of the woodengravings and 26 linecuts with initial letters (A - Z) calligraphed by Betse Curtis; all in a quarter Moroccan goat drop back box.

Full leather edition 50 copies OP ($1000-$5000)
Bound in full red Moroccan goat with paste endpapers, blindstamped and hand tooled by David Bourbeau. Suite of 26 woodengravings and 26 initial line cuts with a calligraphed letter laid in chemise. The initial letters (A-Z) and a full alphabet on colophon page in the book have been calligraphed by Betse Curtis for this very special edition.
Very rarely comes up for resale.

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